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Based on different application areas of LED display, installation is divided into a variety of types including fixed installation, rental hanging installation, sports perimeter installation. Based on different operational environment of LED display, installation can be divided into a variety of types as well. Clients can choose installation type and set up mount structure according to practical situation. (vision pro can make steel structural drawing for your reference.) Below is focused on introduction about Curve Installation

Generally Customer Requires:

Screen Length x Width (Height): LxW.
Screen width W: the screen width, here also means the screen height.
Screen length L: the screen length
The length of screen could be initially worked out by the perimeter of circle or curve, and then divided by the module length to get the number of module.
For round LED display, try to dived it into 92 modules, try to determine the module number of a line with integer multiple of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, for it is convenient for cabinet dividing and production. The gradient of module is 2 degrees (on both directions), so each module has 4 degrees, and thus, 92 modules can be usually form a perfect circle, it’s better not less than 60 modules,
After determining the number of modules in a row, the length of the screen can be derived.
Screen length L = Module number x Module length
Screen size A =L x W
For non-circular screen ( curve screen), than is simply divided as needs, like cutting cakes
The installation rack should be customized according to the size of the round screen or curve screen.

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